CoolerClips™ is a clip that connects to your cooler for attaching accessories. It is comprised of a "C' clip, channel bracket and accessory (cupholder/tableboard.) CoolerClips easily attaches to hard and soft coolers, of most brands, and immediately creates a convenient platform for slide on cupholder, cutting board/tableboard. The "C" clip fits into the tie down holes on your cooler and the channel bracket, which comes attached to the accessory of choice, slides onto the "C" clip and locks into place with the plunger lock. For soft coolers, I created the "V" bracket that secures into the webbing on your cooler and provides the platform for the "C" clip to slide into. No matter your adventure, CoolerClips provides you with the right accessory, giving you the freedom to turn your cooler into whatever you need it to be!


That's me, Darren Slattery, the founder of CoolerClips™. My dad always had a garage full of tools growing up which allowed me to tinker with my bike, make forts, and fix anything that needed fixing.

As an adult, I did most of my own home remodeling, from bathrooms to basement conversions. I have also had various careers but was mainly focused in sales. These two backgrounds have fostered an entrepreneurial spirit in me to provide a range of products that make your adventures convenient, customizable, and just plain cool.


Make your cooler, cooler with a clip. CoolerClips™!


As a kid growing up in Florida, my family and our friends would spend almost every weekend at the beach. From early morning fishing to flashlight tag at night, we would work out of our coolers all day long. This always created problems. If you wanted to pour a drink or make a sandwich, you would have to clear off the top of the cooler, put things all over the place, open the cooler, grab what you needed, and then rearange everything back on top of the cooler -- and hopfully you didn't forget anything!

As an adult with my own kids, I had the same issues. So, I decided to design a way to make my coolers more functional, convenient, and easy to use. By simply fastening a plastic shelf to a clip that inserted into the tie down hole of my cooler, I created a place to pour and rest drinks, mix cocktails, and spread mayo on a sandwich. After using and showing it off, my friends said that I should provide these for everybody, so that's what I am doing. I am personally making all of the Cupholders/Tableboards and assembling them with the "C" Clips, channel brackets, and index plunger. I am very proud that all of our products/components are made in the USA!