Welcome to CoolerClips' blog, where we share stories, tips, and news about our products. Our mission is to provide you with the freedom to turn your cooler into whatever you need it to be with the help of CoolerClips.

Our blog is designed to offer insight into the stories and experiences of our CoolerClips team members, providing you with an inside look into the world of CoolerClips. We'll also be sharing helpful tips and tricks for using our products, as well as news and updates about what we're working on.

Whether you are camping, beachside, fishing, tailgating or just hanging out with friends, Coolerclips makes your cooler the perfect gathering place.  We hope our blog will be a source of inspiration, information and entertainment for you to enjoy.  We look forward to making your life “Cooler!”

Darren J Slattery

Founder and builder of each CoolerClip accessory