CoolerClip™ For Yeti Roadie soft handle

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This clip is for the new Yeti Roadie. The new roadie has a soft handle as opposed to the old version which has a hard handle.  The tie down slots are on the handle connection.  Our Roadie clip simply slides into this slot to form a nice tight fit.

The Cupholders are designed to hold V shaped cups such as Yeti and RTIC Tumblers, Red Cups so if you plan on regular Soda and Beer cans...Don't forget the Webbing.  Now featuring Wine Glass slots, will accommodate most wine glass stems.

The rod holders are 2 rod set ups.  Spaced 6 inches apart at center they can accommodate larger size tackle.  


Size: 7.5 x 10.5

Material:  HDPE Marine Board

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