CoolerClips™ For RTIC 52QT Lightweight

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Do you own the new RTIC 52 QT Lightweight Cooler?(WE DO NOT SELL COOLERS) We have redesigned the Large C clip to fit.  Now you can have the 4 Cup, Cupholder and larger Tableboard.  Plus you can have the Rod holders now in two sizes.

The Cupholders are designed to hold V shaped cups such as Yeti and RTIC Tumblers, Red Cups so if you plan on regular Soda and Beer cans...Don't forget the Webbing.  Cupholders now available with Wine Glass Slots, will accommodate most wine glass stems.

4 Rod, Rod Holders come in standard size for light tackle and XL for larger tackle(these are spaced 5 inches apart).  They come with Plier and knife slots plus a pad eye for hanging lures, hooks or your sunglasses.

Size: 7.5 x 10.5

Material: HDPE Marine Board

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